The main focus at A1 Utility Contractor, Inc. is safety.  We have a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.  Safety meeting are held daily throughout our workforce, subcontractors included, and we work with the mentality that we are a team who is responsible for everyone’s safety associated with the entire job.  Our program starts in the preplanning stages before the job starts with Safe Work Plans and following through with daily reviews once the work has started.  We look at each task, identity the potential hazards, and address those hazards every day.  Management/supervisory personnel are required to have a working knowledge of the laws pertaining to safety and their requirements, thoroughly investigate all incidents, and ensure that immediate corrective actions are taken.  A1 Utility reviews and incorporates the customer's safety program with ours so the customer is assured we will satisfy all of their safety concerns.  It is required that the subcontractors we use have our same qualities and work practices in delivering safe productive work to our customers.  A1 Utility ensures that our training programs meet or exceed OSHA, regulatory requirements,IBEW industry standards and MEA standards.  A1 has a certified OQ Program in place for the natural gas industry.