A1 Utility is founded on three basic principles: safety, strong work ethic, and honesty.  We have over 245 years of IBEW combined work experience in our management staff.  That experience shows through in our high quality of work.  An honest day's work for an honest day's pay.  A1 Utility always takes each project very seriously.  Performing all projects with the highest quality, that includes all specifications, drawings, and safety standards of each client.  We ensure that we perform quality work.  We use IBEW certified employees who have the same respect for the trade as we do.  While working under your company we know that we represent you.  A1 is looking to have long term partnerships.  With that being said, in order to achieve this, we need to have the highest quality of workforce, safety standards, and equipment.  The main focus at A1 Utility Contractor, Inc. is safety.  We have a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.   Safety meetings are held daily throughout our workforce, subcontractors included, and we work with the mentality that we are a team who is responsible for everyone's safety associated with the entire job.

    Distribution - Electric

    Gas Distribution/OQ Certified

    Underground Transmission

    Joint Gas & Electric - New Business



    Directional Drill All


    Storm Response

We are looking forward to working with your company. We have been on several storms, and know exactly what is expected of us and our work performance.  With that experience we know that we can blend in with your organization immediately with little or no supervision.  A1 has qualified 3 man crews with management, safety personnel, and mechanics, ready to mobilize.  We have all the equipment necessary to perform any task.